All kinds and types of Vacuum Cleaners in the market

Vacuum Cleaners and absorbent litter / small dirt and dust on the floor or carpet that run on electric power and are equipped with garbage Vacuum Cleaners small dirt / dustsis absorbed. Many kinds and forms of Vacuum Cleaners produced by manufacturers such as brands: holt, clarke, sanyo. Here are some types of vacuum cleaner, namely: vacuum cleaning, Vacuum Cleaners is a device that used a dry place, so the bus is not used in place of dirty wet because the motor armature machine under vacuum cleaner tube and flush with the machine. Wet Vacuum Cleaners, is a cleaning tool that is used to suck up sediment or puddles on the floor (water pickup), for example in the case of a water pipeline leak.

Vacuum Cleaners is a cleaning tool that is used to place the wet and dry, which means it can be used when floors were flooded by water or puddles on the floor, then absorbed into the tube Vacuum Cleaners, whereas under normal circumstances be used to suck dust or small dirt on the floor such as cigarette butts, small pieces of paper. In addition to changing the filter replacement in accordance with needs can be used for wet or dry.