Vacuum Cleaners Are Well Suited to Clean Hardwood Floors & Furniture

House composed of Hardwood FloorsDust around the house is just a normal household thing to do. You can use brooms to sweep them out, or use a vacuum cleaner to suck them all up with ease. Vacuum cleaners have advanced today, there are many vacuum models that offer HEPA filter which helps trap almost all dust that should have been bad for people, especially with dust allergies. Most vacuum brands now incorporate their own technologies to make the unit much easier to maneuver and to be able to clean most part of the house with the help of the included accessories or attachments.

How does vacuum cleaners work? By using an air pump, a small suction is produced that will suck dirt and dust. With the use of a canister bin or disposal bag, all of the things or particles are trapped inside the bag for later disposal.

Eureka Upright Vacuum CleanerVacuum cleaners also incorporate filters to filter out dust and dirt that gets sucked by the machine. It prevents harmful particles to leave the vacuum so that they won’t go back into the air that people living in the house might inhale. Nowadays, there are HEPA certified vacuum filters that can trap 99.97 percent of these harmful particles, it is a good extra feature to look out for people with asthma or with dust allergies. These things sound really good, but do not forget that vacuum cleaners can only clean the house but won’t kill bacterias clinging inside your home. So it is important to add in your housekeeping how you can manage bacteria in an acceptable level to lower the risk of any members of your family getting sick.

For cleaning delicate furniture such as curtains, blinds and such, choose a vacuum cleaner with variable suction power that lets you adjust the suction to the right setting to remove dust and dirt on your furniture. Most vacuums come with ample of attachments such as crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, a dusting brush and pet attachments. Look for a vacuum with attachments and accessories that will help you with your household jobs.


Canister or Barrel Vacuum Cleaner - for bare floorsWhen sweeping hard floors such as wooden floors. As you moved while sweeping, there will be dust or small particles that will go into the air and will eventually go back on the floor. Because of that, it is a lot better to get the best hardwood floor vacuum that will efficiently suck most if the dust as you move around compared to sweeping. Canister models are better suited for this task because it doesn’t use a brush bar, which is made of rotating bristles that go deep down the carpet, as it would do more harm than good when using the brush bar on wooden surfaces. But for carpets, a cleaner head with brush bar is a much better option. It is something to keep in mind when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

I also want to stress out that the true cost of a product will be how long the product will last and their uses. Not just by price alone. So know what are your needs and choose a vacuum cleaner that have the right features to make cleaning much easier.